About the School

School Characteristics

Johnsonville High School is a public, rural high school in the lower part of Florence County that houses grades nine through twelve. Johnsonville High School, the only school in Florence 5, was originally constructed in 1916 and later moved into the current facility in 1974. A gymnasium was constructed in 1982, a cafeteria was added in 1986, a vocational building and computer lab were completed in 1999, and a science wing was added in 2003.

Courses at JHS are scheduled into a 4x4 semester block; consequently, students have the opportunity to earn thirty-two units over four years. Classes begin at 8:15 a.m. and end at 3:25 p.m. In addition to core courses, the high school offers an array of electives, and course levels range from academic assistance to dual credit courses.

JHS strives to provide a range of opportunities for students to be successful. Over 70% of the students are involved in at least one extra- curricular activity, and many are involved in several. Students may choose to participate in a number of clubs and organizations, including but not limited to Student Council, Academic Challenge, Beta Club, Crusaders on Campus, Foreign Language Club, Bass Club, Pep Band, Drama Club, and various committees and pageants. Students can feel the satisfaction that comes from "giving back" to their community through the service projects that many of these organizations sponsor. They also have the chance to work on the school's yearbook and news show staffs. The athletic program offers year-around sports including cheerleading, volleyball, football, tennis, basketball, baseball, softball, and golf. Anchored by a premier track program, these teams have collectively won fifteen state titles since 1990. The Flashes are perennial finalists in the Pee Dee Academic Challenge Competitions, and Pee Dee Regional Math Tournaments.

The faculty and staff at the high school encourage both academic and extra-curricular student achievement through established reward programs, such as honor roll, awards day, student-of-the-month, athletic and academic banquets, and athletic and academic lettering. Teachers send out "FlashGrams" to parents in recognition of classroom performance and display student work in the hallways and school website.