Flashes Athletics Hall of Fame

Athlete Hall of Fame

The Johnsonville High School Hall of Fame is an honor that is bestowed upon former student athletes for extraordinary athletic performance. The former student athlete must meet the following initial criteria to be considered for Hall of Fame Induction.

(1-6) are required (**) and the nominee must attain at least one other criteria (7-10*):
1. Graduated from Johnsonville High School for at least 5 years before consideration**
2. Played for Johnsonville High School at least three (3) consecutive years in high school at the varsity level. **
3. Exhibited good citizenship, sportsmanship, and character while competing at JHS and after graduation. (Background Checks and other pertinent sources will be used). **
4. Attained recognition at the region level for at least 2 years in the sport of nomination (Provided region awards are given in that sport.). **
5. State recognition for at least 2 years, during career at JHS (Provided region awards are given in that sport.). **
6. May have participated as a collegiate or professional athlete after graduation. **
7. Attained recognition at the national level (nationally recognized All-American team- 1st, 2nd or 3rd Team or
Honorable Mention; member of a national or Olympic team) during career in Johnsonville, or after graduation from Johnsonville.*
8. Was a school record-holder or a section/region or state season statistical leader during career in Johnsonville.*
9. Attained recognition for outstanding accomplishments in college, military or professional athletics.*
10. Special circumstances: Consideration by the school’s Hall of Fame Committee.
11. No more than 5 members will be chosen to JHS Hall of Fame per year.
The committee reserves the right to forego any portion of criteria mentioned above.
*Nominee must also attain at least one of these criteria

When a nomination is received, the athletic director will verify that it qualifies for consideration. If the nomination is recommended to move forward, a five member Hall of Fame Committee will be selected by the Athletic Director and Principal. The committee may consist of the current athletic director, current coach for that particular sport, and three other committee members selected by the Director of Athletics. The committee will consider all of the supporting documentation for unanimous approval.

A Hall of Fame Area will be appropriately designated with the necessary descriptive information in the trophy area in the gymnasium.