Tutoring and Test Prep Resources for Students


Tutor.com provides real-time tutoring and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for English and Spanish speakers. Test prep resources for ACT and SAT are also available. Students may access Tutor.com through the South Carolina Virtual Library (Discus) at www.scdiscus.org. There is an option for students to create an account, but an account is not necessary to use this service. Students can access Tutor.com anywhere – from school or home using any device.

Directions: Go to www.scdiscus.org or access through the Quick Links/DISCUS Virtual Library (on the JHS Website.) Then click on A-Z Resources, scroll down to Tutor.com. Additional directions for getting started: Guide to DISCUS Tutor.com

Tutor.com Video Tutorial Link: Tutor.com Getting Started Video


Note: Home access requires a user name and password. The current username and password will be sent via Bright Arrow messaging from FSD5. If you missed the message or need additional help, contact Mrs. Calcutt, JHS Library Media Specialist.