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Technology Tutorials

Remind App Setup for Teachers  

Video instructions for teachers on setting up the Remind Account and App

Setting up Email Groups in Outlook for Teachers  

Setting up a Group in Outlook Email (desktop instructions)

Setting Up Groups in Outlook Email (online version instructions)

Microsoft Office 365 Forms-Tutorials  

Video Instructions for creating a quiz in Microsoft Forms on Office 365 (by Richard Byrne) 

Step-by-step instructions  for creating a Form in Office 365

Instructions for Sharing an Office 365 Form

Office 365 OneDrive for Students  

Setting Up Email on Mobile Devices and Phones  

This tutorial demonstrates how to set up Outlook email for phones or mobile devices. If you need further assistance, see Mrs. Calcutt.

Outlook App for Email and Mobile Devices


ACT, SAT, and AP Test Prep on DISCUS  

This tutorial demonstrates how to access test prep material for ACT, SAT, and AP testing on the DISCUS website which is South Carolina's virtual library of resources for students and teacher in South Carolina. Please see Mrs. Calcutt for additional information if needed. Email Mrs. Calcutt for the current home access password. 

ACT, SAT, AP Test Prep on DISCUS

Logging In to School Email Account (Students and Teachers)  

How To Log In to Office 365 for School Email



Poster My Wall Tutorial (by Brittany Sanders)  

Poster My Wall is a site for creating banners, posters, signs, invitations, and much more! 

Poster My Wall Tutorial (by Brittany Sanders)​