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Mrs. Tracy Ruetterman: Teacher of the Month
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Tuesday, December 17, 2019
Mrs. Ruetterman
Mrs. Ruetterman
December 2019

Mrs. Ruetterman is currently in her tenth year of teaching. She received her Bachelor of Arts in English Teacher Certification from Francis Marion University in December of 2008. She also received her endorsement to teach Gifted and Talented from Charleston Southern University in June 2014. Since then, she completed graduate school online at Concordia University—Portland to obtain her Master of Education, Major in Curriculum and Instruction with a minor in Adolescent Literacy in September 2015, and also her Master of Education, Major in Special Education ML/HS in June 2017. Finally, she received her AP certification in June 2019. Mrs. Ruetterman is a 2003 graduate of Johnsonville High School, and we welcome her back home to JHS in the English department where she teaches English 3 and Advanced Composition. Congratulations to Mrs. Ruetterman on being chosen by her students as the December Teacher of the Month.

Mrs. Ruetterman’s Interview Questions and Responses:

What do you feel is the most rewarding part of teaching? Why?

The most rewarding part of teaching is getting to know your students and seeing them grow as intellectuals and individuals. To me, knowing that I could help them grow academically and personally is the purpose of teaching.

How do you hope your students will remember you?

I hope my students remember me as someone who genuinely cared about each of them as an individual, and to remember me as someone who helped them learn to love English, especially reading. I sincerely hope they can remember me as someone who was a good teacher that helped them grow as students and individuals.

What are the two most important qualities that a good teacher should possess? Why?

I believe that a good teacher should possess patience and understanding. Patience and understanding are both needed to truly learn who your students are and to effectively help them each become a strong and confident learner. Both of these characteristics will help you establish strong relationships with your students which helps them become a better learner.

What is a favorite experience from your teaching career?

It is very hard to find a specific event for my favorite experience because there are so many to choose from. My favorite moments are making connections with students that extend beyond high school, knowing that I was able to help a student succeed, learning how to be a better teacher from my students, and knowing that I helped someone overcome the odds that were stacked against them. 

What characteristics do you think a good student should have? Why?

A good student should be determined, optimistic, and confident. Determination helps them keep going no matter what obstacle is placed in their path. An optimistic demeanor makes life seem manageable and helps them overcome stress or difficult moments. Being confident will allow them to be themselves and to be willing to reach out for help when needed.

What do you like most about teaching at JHS?

Teaching at JHS feels like being home, and it feels like it is the place I am meant to be. I love the atmosphere, my students, my colleagues, and the community. 

What are your favorites—

Food--Hot wings, homemade fries, and of course a Bloomin’ Onion from Outback.

Movie--Freedom Writers because it is inspirational.

Book--I honestly cannot think of a favorite book because I am such an avid reader and have many favorites.

Song--I don’t have a favorite song, but I enjoy listening to a variety of music.

Season--My favorite time of year would be spring because it feels like a time of growth and new opportunities.

Vacation--Going to Myrtle Beach for family fun or going to Ohio to visit family.

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