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Teacher of the Month: Regina Graham
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Thursday, May 02, 2019
R Graham
R Graham

Ms. Graham teaches Psychology and World History at JHS, and she graduated from Johnsonville High School in 1994. She has taught at JHS since 2012, and prior to that, she taught at Hannah-Pamplico High School for 12 years. Ms. Graham also serves as the yearbook sponsor and does an amazing job, in collaboration with the yearbook staff, producing the yearbook. Enthusiasm, creativity, dedication, and school spirit are just a few of the reasons Ms. Graham's students nominated her for teacher of the month. She describes the most rewarding part of teaching as the “relationships built with students and watching them grow from freshmen to seniors.” She loves getting to know each one of her students’ personalities and learn how each processes information differently while figuring out how to help them succeed. She hopes students will remember her “as a teacher who is fair and kind and created an environment where every one of them felt safe and celebrated for their uniqueness.” Congratulations to Ms. Regina Graham for being chosen by her students as Johnsonville High School’s Teacher of the Month.

Ms. Graham’s Thoughts on Teaching:

What are the two most important qualities that a good teacher should possess? Why? A good teacher should be open minded enough to listen to what his or her students have to say and truly take their thoughts and opinions in to account.  They should also remember they can learn just as much from their students as their students learn from them.  Both of these are important to create a place where everyone in the classroom feels safe to discuss and develop ideas, even if they are incorrect.  Sometimes the best ideas and lessons come from when students (or teachers) get the answer wrong.


What is a favorite experience from your teaching career? Wow, I don’t know.  That is tough because I have had so many great moments.  One of my favorites was when I taught at Hannah-Pamplico and went with the seniors on their senior trip to Florida and helped a group of them ride an escalator for the first time.  We live in such a small world in the Pee Dee, and our kids are not exposed to so many things others take for granted.  To see their fear turn into excitement and accomplishment was something small yet meaningful that I will never forget.


What characteristics do you think a good student should have? Why? A good student needs to not be afraid to fail.  No one does everything perfect or right the first time, every time.  No one can ever fully flourish if they are too scared to fail.  It is through risking failure, sometimes failing, picking yourself back up and trying again that creates the strongest leaders and people.  There is a great quote that says, “You can’t enjoy the rainbow without the rain.”


What do you like most about teaching at JHS? So many things.  I love that JHS is small and is more of a family than a school.  I love that I teach at my alma mater where I walked the halls and can share experiences I had with students.  I also love seeing my high school friends’ faces in the faces of their children sitting in the desks in my room. 


Ms. Graham’s Favorites:

Food: Macaroni and Cheese

Movie: I don’t know how to pick just one. I like romantic comedies the best.  Unrealistic reality.

Book: Summer Sisters by Judy Blume; The Southern Belle Primer or Why Princess Margaret Will Never Be a Kappa Kappa Gamma

Song: Again, too many to pick, but my favorite song at this moment is “Me” by Taylor Swift.

Season of the year: Summer

Vacation spot: Anywhere with some water

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