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Mrs. Mollie Paschall: Teacher of the Month
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Thursday, November 01, 2018
Mrs. Paschall
Mrs. Paschall

Congratulations to Mrs. Mollie Paschall on being selected as Johnsonville High School’s teacher of the month. Mrs. Paschall was nominated by her students. Mrs. Paschall’s students describe her an "amazing" and  "great teacher who is nice to her students."  Mrs. Paschall describes the most rewarding part of teaching as"being able to be a part of my students’ journeys and successes. When I am successful as a teacher, my students are also successful, and this makes me feel wonderful." Mrs. Paschall feels that the most important qualities that a teacher should possess are "passion for the subject that they teach and a love for their students." Mrs. Paschall hopes that her students will remember her as, "as someone who cared for them and who made learning fun for them." She strives to instill positive character traits in the students she teaches because she believes, "Good students should care about their work and have respect for themselves, their peers, and their teachers. These things can take a person very far in life."  Mrs. Paschall enjoys the supportive staff and the eager students of Johnsonville High School.  One of her favorite experiences of her career so far has been, "when one of my students told me that I had encouraged him to read more often, and that he had read more in my class than in any other class before. It’s the little things that are exciting. Although this seems simple, it was a big victory for me." The students and staff of JHS congratulate Mrs. Paschall on her selection as JHS Teacher of the Month.

Mrs. Paschall's Favorites:

Food: Sushi

Movie: Of all time: Grease          Currently: A Star is Born

Book: Light in August by Faulkner

Song: "Dancing in the Moonlight" by Elton John

Season of the year: fall

Vacation spot: Asheville, NC

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