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11th Grade Student of the Month: Taighen Poston
Posted On:
Friday, March 15, 2019

Favorite Class: My favorite class is biology because I enjoy the hands-on experiments, and the things we learn about are very interesting. This class also pushes me to learn new things and try my best, which I enjoy. 

Hobbies: crafting, running, cheering, writing, and spending time with my family

Favorite Music: I really enjoy listening to country music. 

Favorite Song: "The Dash" by Scotty McCreery

My hero: My hero is God because without him in my life, I would be lost, and with him I can be a light for others. He never gives up on me but walks through the ups and downs with me. 

Future career: I plan to be a neonatal specialist.

What famous person would you like to have a "dream date" with? I would like to have a dream date with Matthew McConaughey, because he is a genuine soul and an amazing actor.

If I could travel to anywhere in the world: I would travel to Germany. I'd travel to learn more about World War 2 in which my great granddaddy fought.

The best part of being a JHS Flash: The best part of being a JHS Flash is that I can be as spirited as I want. I also love being a Flash because of how generous and caring the staff and other students are.

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