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Sam  Tuten

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Philosophy of Education

My philosophy in education is that all students can learn!  As a leader, it is up to me to provide a safe and inviting environment for all students with the best available instructional staff and programs.  My philosophy is centered on efforts to maximize student learning.  Communicating with other district administrators, faculty and staff, students, and community stakeholders is a vital in maximizing the charge to student achievement.  The vision needs to be clearly communicated for the overall health of the school district.  Preparing students to be able to be productive citizens and life-long learners is at the forefront.  All students need to be actively engaged in meaningful learning experiences through standards-based instruction and evaluation.  Data is needed to inform and drive decisions regarding curriculum and instruction with teachers having adequate professional development opportunities that assists them with data-driven instruction and the use of technology.  Students need to be exposed to state of the art technologies and training for its utilization throughout the system.  Last, but not least, it is my philosophy to hire quality teachers who are outstanding people.  Students are provided not only with a quality education, but role models to immolate.